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Dual PCB tracks online AOI 820

Dual PCB tracks online AOI 820

Dual track Online AOI Application

Product Detail:

l One camera moving on XY direction, PCB transmitted by 2 conveyors.

l The 1st track fixed, the 2nd,3rd and 4th track adjustable.

l Applicable for various double conveyors production line.

l Fully compatible and retaining features of the series-8 single conveyor AOI products.


Specifications EKT-VL-820

Inspection system


After stencil printing, pre/post reflow oven, pre/post DIP wave soldering, FPC, etc

Program mode

Manual programming, auto programming, CAD data importing

Inspection Items

Stencil printing: Solder unavailability, insufficient or excessive solder, solder misalignment, bridging, stain, scratch etc.

Component defect: missing or excessive component, misalignment, uneven, edging, opposite mounting, wrong or bad component etc.

DIP :Missing parts, damage parts, offset, skew, inversion, etc

Soldering defect: excessive or missing solder, empty soldering, bridging, solder ball, IC NG ,copper stain etc.

Calculation Method

Machine learning, color calculation, color extraction, gray scale operation, image contrast

Inspection mode

PCB fully covered, with array and bad marking function

SPC statistics function

Fully record the test data and make analysis, with high flexibility to check production and quality status. Image and test data saved simultaneously

Components angle

Angle 0~359°flexible,min angular distance 1°

Min components

01005 chip、0.3 pitch IC

Optical system



5 million pix full color high speed industrial digital camera, 20 million pix optional

Lens resolution

10um/15um/18um/20um/25um, can be custom-made

lighting source

Annular stereo multi-channel color light, RGB/RGBW/RGBR/RWBR optional



Intel i7 3.40GHz






1TB mechanical hard disk, SSD optional


Win 7 64bit


22 inch,16:10 (side sliding door)

Mechanical system

Moving and inspection mode

Stepping motor driving PCB auto-moving and width adjusting orbit; direction L-R or R-L optional; XY servo motor driving camera, double PCBA conveyor, width can be adjusted respectively.

PCB size

Both conveyor used:50*50mm(Min)~400*360mm(Max), single conveyor used: 50*50mm(Min)~460*650mm(Max), special size can be customized

PCB thickness


PCB weight


PCB edge

3mm,special request can be custom made

PCB bending

Less than 5mm or 3% of PCB diagonal length

PCB components height

Top:35mm,Bottom:75mm. Can be adjustable and custom made

XY driving system

AC servo motor, precise ball screw

XY moving speed


XY accuracy deviation

Less than 8um

General parameters

Machine dimension

L1440 * W1000 * H1620 mm,



PCB height from ground


Machine weight


Equipment communications


Air pressure

0.4-0.8MPa,can adapt electronic control to avoid pressure limit

Safety standard

CE standard

Environment temperature and humidity

10~35℃,35~80% RH (non condensing)



Optional function

Maintenance station system, offline programming system, SPC server system,bar code identification system


Packing and shipping:

size (outer dimension) 1440(L)*1000(W)*1620(H)mm
Weight (Gross) 700KG
Packing Vacuum packing plus polywood case
Delivery 20 days
Shipping ways By sea/By air/Other ways per customer request


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